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What Egypt Has To Offer

Travel became one of best people’s interests nowadays for many purposes. Thus, if you are one of travel lovers, you have to be deeply aware of the country you want to visit. It’s important to list its geographic location, language, religion, culture, history, customs and traditions, people’s interests, tourist sightseeing, and many more. For instance, what about Egypt if anyone makes it his destination in vacation? Let’s have a short tour to cover all Egypt aspects.

Geographic Location :

Egypt is located in the Northeast of Africa, it’s considered the most essential country in the Middle East and Cairo is its metropolitan capital. It overlooks the Red Sea from the east and the Mediterranean Sea from the north. As Egypt is the gift of the Nile, the Nile River which witnessed the greatest civilization in ancient world, divides Egypt from north to south.

From the Language Way

Egypt belongs to the Arab Region, it’s regarded to be the leader of the Arab World and the headquarters of the League of Arab States is in Cairo. Thus, the mother tongue in Egypt is Arabic. The Egyptians are always proud of their language, however, language in Egypt changed throughout ages. Thousands of years ago, the ancestors used hieroglyphics writings and drawings on their temples walls which constituted a great part of their glorious civilization.


Egypt, throughout its long history,  witnessed various religions and religious communities. Starting from the primitive Egyptians who worshipped the scared animals and birds. As the religious sides had a great importance for them, they built many temples to practice their rituals safely. In the recent years, Egypt knew Islam, Christianity, and Judaism and Egypt rulers paid a great attention to religion so they amazingly designed many fabulous mosques and churches that still remain till now. Nevertheless, Egypt is originally an Islamic country and most of the Egyptians are Muslims, in addition to a number of Christians and Jewish and every one freely practices his religious rites.


What makes Egypt phenomenal is its honorific history which is rich in many events and wars. Egypt history left a huge wealth of amazing treasures and jewelry. The ancient pharaohs constructed the first known civilization over the banks of Nile and founded the first writing system. The ancient Egyptians were also the first to discover mummification process as an advanced step to life after death thus they built many timeless tombs to immortalize their kings and queens buried bodies. Their religious interests made them directed their efforts to build temples all over Egypt. All this heritage is left for us and turned into tourist sightseeing to Egypt visitors.

Customs and Traditions :

Egypt has a special culture that formed the customs and traditions of its inhabitants. The Egyptians inherited these morals from their ancestors hundreds of years ago which formed a major part of their attitudes in life. Although the Egyptians encountered many obstacles throughout their long hisory, their great love to their country is scared and they are always ready to struggle against what threatens its public security. On the religious side, people in Egypt are completely discreet and extremely committed to their religion teachings. For instance, the Islamic faith ordered ladies and girls to be coy and decent in their appearance, so most ladies in Egypt wear hijab. The Egyptians are generally friendly with each other, modest, generous, hospitable, welcome to all their guests at any time, and largely respect the elderly.

People’s Interests :

Simplicity is one of the most prominent features of the Egyptian people. Try to wander in the old districts of Cairo among the primitive shops, markets, and cafes and a survey about people’s interests. You will find that they have simple wishes and great ambitions. The majority have a great passion for soccer and they meet in public squares, cafes, and restaurants to watch the matches of the Egyptian national team and they passionately celebrate when they win. The Egyptians, specially the elderly, meet at cafes to play chess, and domino games with each other, read newspapers, listen to Om Kolthum, and follow the newscast on Tv and still debate about the political and economic conditions. On the other side, people in Egypt are so funny and love comics and jokes. Indeed, they are a peculiar combination.

Famous Cities and Attractions :

Egypt geographic location and its wealthy civilization make it an essential destination for both adventurers and travelers. The Egyptian ancestors erected an immortal heritage of 7000 years. Their first steps were in Memphis City, the first capital of Egypt and since then, the flourishing periods of construction in ancient Egypt had started. They had founded Giza Pyramids, one of the world seven wonders which were protected by the statue of Sphinx with a pharaoh’s head and a lion’s body. They also left thousands of genuine artifacts which are displayed in the glamorous Egyptian Museum. In modern history, Salah El Din established a massive fortress “Cairo Citadel” to protect Egypt from the Crusaders invasion. In Alexandria, the Egyptians inherited many timeless Roman and Greek relics. Moreover, having a break on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. Turning to Upper Egypt, the pharaohs had built many temples in Luxor; Karnak Temples, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, Luxor Temple, in addition to Valley of the Kings and Queens which they used to bury the mummified bodies of their kings. Moving to Aswan in the extreme south, the Egyptian workers innovated by building the two unique temples of Abu Simbel. Also they constructed Philae, Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples on the banks of the Nile. As a traveler, you can use the Nile River to see all these sightseeing on board Luxury Nile cruise. If you are fond of coastal life, relax on Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam seashores over the Red Sea where to do many activities; snorkelling, scuba diving, and windsurfing and a wide range of trips with Egypt Tours Portal.

Briefly, to reserve a trip with travel agency is a must for the sake of memorable holiday and a safe trip with a particular itinerary, offering a deluxe service.